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Eternal Sunshine~!

... of the spotless mind.

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Yondaime is the cheerful and handsome security officer at Konoha High, but don't expect him to remember where that is... or who you are... of who he is for that matter. Due to a mysterious fire fourteen years ago, he suffers from short term memory loss. Though he has a notebook he writes in to try and remember things, all he can remember on his own is a game... one with lively music... and dancing... a game called DDR that he is so good at.

When he isn't wandering around where he is, he can be found at the arcade, mysteriously drawn to the DDR machine and to the blonde boy who is also so good at that game.

-- Excerpt from Who's Who at Konoha High School


This journal is for entertainment use only as part of hs_no_jutsu . Everything in this journal is fiction and should be considered as such.

Yondy is portrayed by Jude Law.